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    Refreshing user roles in 12c


      Quite frequently, if I add, delete, or change a group in WLS, then assign that group to a role in Fusion Middleware, any users who are assigned to that WLS group do not immediately see the results.  For example, I created a WLS group called OW_ANALYST.  I assigned a user to that group.  I assigned that group as a member of the BIContentAuthor role.  I signed in as the user in question, but did not see any options under 'New' to create new analyses, dashboard prompts, and so forth.  But after a few minutes, I signed in again, and those options suddenly appeared. 


      It appears that there is some security refresh mechanism going on behind the scenes, and that the refresh doesn't happen immediately - there is a several minute lag involved.  It feels as if WLS Groups and FMC Roles aren't "in sync" for some period of time, until that refresh cycle hits.


      Is there any function that allows us to manually sync the Groups in WLS and the Roles in FMC on request, rather than waiting for the background sync to occur?  Or is it something else that causes the user privileges to have a delayed reaction to the changes in WLS and FMC?