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    Java Plugin 1.6.0 certification

    Jacob Madsen

      I can see on Sun's website, that JRE 1.6.0 has entered release candidate stage, which means, that it will probably be final in a few months or so. Can somebody from Oracle reveal a little about your certification plans regarding Forms? Will Forms be certified for this release, or will we have to wait for Forms 11 for certification for 1.6.0?

      Thanks in advance

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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          as you mention, its a release candidate. Before deciding whether or not to certify it with Forms we wait for the production version. Certification is a long running process and I don't know yet for which release we will do this for Java PlugIn 6

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            Jacob Madsen

            JRE 1.6.0 is now final, and I would just like to ask, if there are any updates from Forms Management to my original question? I am currently in the process of testing it to see, how well it behaves against Forms
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              I know there are definite plans to do this for v11. I have asked QA when they can do it for v10.1.2 and will update this thread when I have something.
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                Jacob Madsen
                We have been testing the 1.6.0 plugin against Forms for a bit now, and so far we have only encountered the following compatibility issue.

                If you attempt to run a form with a List Item, that has the List Style property set to "Combo Box", the Forms runtime dies with the following exception in the Java Console:

                java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/bali/share/sort/StringComparator

                Through the stack trace I could see, that the error happened, when Forms tried to make an instance of oracle.forms.ui.VComboBox, and a simple testcase confirmed it. I have tried this under 1.3 (jinit), 1.4 and 1.5 also, but the error only happens under 1.6. Looking in the frmall.jar, I can see, that this class does not exist in this archive - what I dont understand is, why Forms would ever try to instantiate some unknown class, just because it runs under a Java version, that it doesn't know...

                But nevermind, the solution: I found the missing class on my development PC in "(devsuitehome)\jlib\share.jar" and added this jar file to formsweb.cfg and the server's \java directory, and the form executed without any problems.

                I know, that 1.6 is not certified yet, but I figured, that the Forms team would like to know about things like this, since I hope, that a formal certification will take place sometime soon. I will keep this thread updated with any other problems we encounter during 1.6 testing.

                Jan, have you heard anything from QA?
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                  Initially we started using our Forms 10.1.2 applications with JInitiator version 1.3.1. To access other Java applications through Forms based Java Beans we planned to switch to Java Plug-in 1.4.2. To make this to work I changed the configuration file formsweb.cfg with the following lines to point to the appropriate plug-in download.


                  After making changes I started the application. Even after I specified the version of Java Plug-in as 1.4.2_06 it downloaded the Java Plug-in version 1.6.0.
                  The application is working fine but to maintain the compatibility with forms version we prefer to use Java Plug-in as 1.4.2.

                  Is some one can tell why the Plug-In version 1.6.0 was downloaded even after we specified to download Plug-in version 1.4.2.

                  Thanks in advance.

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                    Grant Ronald-Oracle
                    The problem you see is because Sun added a security fix which forces the use of the most "up to date" plug in .

                    Check out the sun website for more details.
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                      Rosario Vigilante
                      Is some one can tell why the Plug-In version 1.6.0 was downloaded even after we specified to download Plug-in version 1.4.2.

                      Also for me, ask for download!

                      Thanks Grant I thought it was my configuration error.(in formsweb.cfg)

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                        Does this mean that if we choose to deploy our forms using the Java Plug-In, to gain functionality not available in Java 1.3, that the only option is to run them under an uncertified (and presumably unsupported) configuration? (We're running Forms 10g)

                        I noticed some mention of using CLSIDs to control which JRE is to be used, but after reading a bit from Sun's site, it sounds as if this mechanism no longer works. I'm sure that I just need to read up a bit more, but I'm struggling to read between the lines.

                        Eric Adamson
                        Lansing, Michigan
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                          Grant Ronald-Oracle
                          eric - I believe Sun provided a client side setting that override this...I'll have to look into it though...I can't remember the setting off hand - its a Sun thing...not an Oracle thing ;o)

                          The point was that Sun wanted to address the "problem" that if there was a security issue in, for example, a plug in version 1.3.10 that was fixed in 1.4.1, that a hacker couldn't force the the loading of the 1.3.10 plug in, if it was on the machine, instead of the patched version.
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                            I just ran into this same problem, and found the workaround from Sun:

                            Changing the jpi_classid in formsweb.cfg to
                            sets the version to 5 and below.

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                              we are developing our Warehouse Management Software with Oracle Forms Developer 10gR2
                              We are using Firefox and Java Plugin 1.6.0_03.
                              Everything works just fine, but there is no official certification for jpi 1.6.

                              Are there any plans to certify jpi 1.6 soon?
                              I am asking this, because jpi 1.6 is much easier and faster to install on any client Windows machine, using Firefox Webbrowser, tha old fashioned jpi 1.5.

                              Thank you in advance

                              Best regards
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                                is nobody else out there who is keen to use Java Plug in 1.6_03?

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                                  There are plans to certify 1.6 with patch set 3 ( Planned for Feb-08.) and with v11 (planned for Calendar year -08).
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