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    How to fill select one choice when using iterator ?

    Max Done

      Dear Expert  ,


      i am using jdevloper 12.1.3 .


      Now i have a case that i am using Iterator to loop through and view object  to display the attribute as drop down list on the page.

      for each dropdown list there is a different (dynamic ) lookup values  which i create vo Lookups and create view link between  those viwe object


      for example

      the view object i iterate it look like this

        id        Name

        1         abc

        2        xyz


      the look up view look lie this

      id     value  label

      1       a         a

      1      b         b

      1      c         c

      2     x          x

      2     y          y

      2     z         z



      and how i add it to page is like this

      <af:iterator id="i16" value="#{bindings.vo1.collectionModel}"


                                              <af:selectOneChoice label="Label 1" id="soc6" value="#{row.id}">

                                                  <af:forEach items="#{row.lookupview}" var="item">

                                                      <f:selectItems value="#{item.value}" id="si13" itemLabel="#{item.Lable}"/>





      but when i run the page the dropdowns are empty


      any idea what is wrong with this .


      Thanks in advance