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    apex_util.set_session_max_idle_seconds - Internal Error encountered Post Upgrade to 19.2


      Hello folks,


      Long time since I've been on this forum!


      A similar issue as here:

      apex_util.set_session_max_idle_seconds not working in APEX 18.1 and later ?


      Seems to have persisted into verson 19.2


      Here's a Debug excerpt from v5.1.0.x on the left and from the latest v19.2 on the right on the same call:


                    p_seconds => app_standard.c_ui_idle_timeout_secs
                  , p_scope   => 'GLOBAL'



      note: "app_standard.c_ui_idle_timeout_secs is just a constant:


      c_ui_idle_timeout_secs    CONSTANT PLS_INTEGER := 3600;


      It looks to me like there used to be a routine to handle this but it's been lost in upgrade work somewhere between 5.1 and 18.1