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    O2C PIP Version Check


      Hello Team,

         I want to find out the version of AIA O2C PIP cartridges installed in a SOA environment.

      Where can i find the details?I checked in AIA console,but could see only the FP version.

      Also,checked   contents of AIAInstallProperties.xml file.In that file, i can find the PIP versions as 11.1(O2C,AABC).

      However,the lsinventory o/p from the same environment(given below) is  showing Communications family pack version as 11.4.0.

      I am now confused on what is the current version of PIPs installed in the environment.

      Requesting guidance from the experts in this community.


      cat lsinventory2020-10-02_07-50-37AM.txt


      Installed Top-level Products (9):


      AIA RV                                                      

      AIA Shared Services Library                                

      Application Integration Architecture                       

      Communications Family Pack                                 

      Customer MDM Family Pack                                   

      Oracle Value Chain Planning Integration Base Pack          

      Product Lifecycle Management Family Pack                   

      Product MDM Family Pack                                    

      Utilities Family Pack                                      

      There are 9 products installed in this Oracle Home.

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          Hi, I think you could check, what is the version of the Oracle PIP installer package if it is available. You could unpack the installed Oracle PIP to check the instruction/help document which might have the version information.



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            Hello Raj,

                Thanks for the reply.

            I am trying to discover the version from a working environment.Unfortunately,I do not have access to installer packages that was used in the particular environment.

            Can you help me with some  other method?

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              * The lsInventory displays version based on the libraries and the environment variable values that are set. If the environment related properties that are set are identical when the server is started as well, then the version that is displayed by lsInventory would be the runtime loaded version to my understanding.

              * You could try setting the server logging level to debug and check the logs during server startup(not sure whether PIP version would be displayed though).



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