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    Forms Feature Requests

    Richard Harrison



      Does anyone know if there is a specific site / page to submit / capture feature requests & ideas for future versions of Forms?


      Thanks in advance



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          Frank Hoffmann



          next to the two suggestions of the petition Oracle has already collected some ideas. You can vote for them here.

          If you have an additional idea this is a perfect place. I will also write the lastest news to the petition in this Forum.

          Mike will read your comments here.



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            You can always contact the Forms Product Manager Michael Ferrante via Twitter, Linkedlin or eMail or or :-)

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              Richard Harrison

              Thanks Frank


              I was just double-checking that there wasn't a "Feedback" or "Feature Request" site or page that I had missed.





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                Richard Harrison

                Thanks Holger

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                  Frank Hoffmann

                  The development oft the next major release has just started. It is a perfect time to bring in your influence.

                  I would prefer your share your thoughts here - so we others could join a discussion or agree to your views.

                  In the past I can confirm that out of many discussions Mike took the ideas and implemented them directly

                  in the next release. Only Thing was we had to convince him and the effort was not to big for the development



                  Some examples:

                  Smartbarheight automatic (, Custom Color Scheme: Desktop( Webutil Transfer (, Extened String items (


                  So YOUR suggestions are were WELCOME!!



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                    Michael Ferrante-Oracle



                    Sorry for the delayed reply, but I am away from my office for a few days. 


                    If you have any suggestions please feel free to post them in this Forms forum or if you feel you need to discuss something with me privately feel free to send me a private message on Twitter, LinkedIn, or email me directly. 

                    Please be sure to include details of what you expect of this new feature. In other words describe a use case and how you might implement it as the product user/developer. 



                    Michael Ferrante

                    Principal Product Manager

                    Oracle Forms

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                      Richard Harrison

                      Thanks Michael


                      Will do.

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                        Michael Ferrante-Oracle

                        Richard Harrison


                        You have sparked my interest.  What is your feature suggestion?  Or were you just wondering where you can post them "if" you had one?

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                          Richard Harrison

                          Hi Michael


                          A bit of both, actually.


                          I think I have previously mentioned the following, which I believe may be in-progress or considered for the future: -


                          • Updated FormsGraph.JAR or inclusion into Forms Builder with fixed/additional features. for example, allow charts with dark canvas backgrounds to be displayed without axis & legend text being hidden.
                          • General graphical abilities in Forms Builder (Gauges, Charts, different Radio Button Styles, ability to set Scrollbar widths at runtime)
                          • Ability to set a "Justification" to Left, Right, Center, Start & End for List Items like you can for Text and Display Items.
                          • Add a "Date Picker" Item Type as a native item within Forms Builder rather than using a JavaBean.
                          • Ability to set Text colour on Active Tab in Tabbed Canvas.


                          As you can see and probably know already, data visualisation is the hot topic here.


                          If I think of anything else, I will let you know





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                            Hi Richard,


                            I thlink last point might be coming in the next releae :-)

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                              I would also like to see a simplified install scenario, without having the need for an infrastructure db (like there used to be one in 11g). This is useful for simple forms installations with just 1 application server. This would also simplify the task of setting up and refreshing test/dev/acceptance environments where we always start from an empty machine... (also fully support unattended installs, now there's always still a manual configure step do perform)

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                                Michael Ferrante-Oracle

                                jbosman  We are reviewing the possibility of offering an installation that does not require the WLS Infrastructure db.  However, if you understand the purpose of that feature you would know that by removing it, you will loose a variety of other features, like SSO, Fusion Middleware Control, and possibly numerous others.


                                For now, consider using the Form Builder Standalone installation option.


                                Thank you for your suggestion.  Please keep them coming.

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                                  Hello everyone and Happy New Year ,


                                  Here are my feature requests:

                                  - Less complex cluster installation (there is no longer a choice in the installer like in 11g) -> docker installation via docker-compose or ansible playbook?

                                  - Simpler configuration (config files on the server, parameters in OEM: middleware fusion, parameter in weblogic ...)

                                  - Minimum installation developer (forms builder + possibility of compiling for testing without installing weblogic ...)


                                  - New widgets (date picker, graphic, carousel, accordion ...)

                                  - better image quality

                                  - Executable wrapper for clients (ex: launch4j)

                                  - automatic resizing of windows FORMS  according to user resolution




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                                    Eng. Tawfik Einea



                                    All these points (graphs, charts, date picker...) can be done using Java beans.


                                    You can even use the power of HTML5/Javascript/CSS in oracle forms using Javafx webview embedded in a Java bean...


                                    It may look complex at the beginning for the programmers, but after getting used to it, it will be very powerful and fun!

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