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    "Due to legal proceedings" cannot transfer domain from name.com/dyn


      My domain shows as blocked on Dyn's website. Name.com shows as unlocked, but it is not. Name.com pointed the blame at Dyn. Name.com told me it would take weeks to resolve the issue, due to a "legal proceedings" at Dyn. What is going on with my domain? Please help, I want to transfer it to another registrar asap. Thank you. Support ticket: 01176511.

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          Hi NameDotComIsMeh,


          I have shared your ticket with our support teams. Someone should be following up with you soon.



          Oracle + Dyn

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            I have not gotten any response on my Dyn ticket since it was opened. Appreciate any help you can provide, Mike. Thank you.

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              It sounds like there are two different locks: Registrar and Registry locks.  My understanding is that name.com has the "Registrar" locks while Oracle has the "Registry" locks and the issue is that Oracle has/had in place locks in the Registry.  In this case, even if you unlocked your domain in the name.com panel it only unlocked the "Registrar" lock, but did not unlock the "Registry" lock.  My understanding is this has been corrected and updates will show in the next few days.


              I share your pain - I have been trying to transfer my last remaining domain almost daily for over 3 weeks only to be told it was locked and the lock would have to be removed by Oracle.  What a screw-up by a group that is supposed to be experienced in managing domains, DNS, cloud, etc.  A joke!


              It is totally unacceptable to receive a two week or less notice that the domains were being transferred to name.com and then not be given a chance to transfer the domain to a Registrar of our choice prior to them being moved to name.com.  The initial correspondence from Oracle was that they would End of Life Dyn services sometime in 2020 if I recall.  Then out of the blue they transfer domains to name.com in a rushed manner with practically no notice - especially during the holidays when people are out of the office.  This whole acquisition and transition could be a case study in how NOT to do these things.  If it is not clear, this has been handled POORLY and Oracle should be embarrassed.  There is practically no support from Oracle other than "Michael Taylor" who appears to have drawn the short straw and perhaps has been saddled with dealing with something it appears no one else at Oracle wants to deal with. 


              I can tell you without a doubt that our enterprise will AVOID any opportunity to do business with Oracle whatsoever in the future based off this experience.  If how all of this is handled is indicative of how Oracle does business everyone should run, not walk, as far away from them as possible.

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                Oracle does not appear to be interested in helping, we have been trying to transfer our domain since approximately December 20 after removing the locks put in place by name.com, but there remains a "Registry" lock put in place by Oracle America, Inc.  There is no excuse for this and it needs to be resolved immediately.


                I would encourage you to file a complaint with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers): https://forms.icann.org/en/resources/compliance/complaints/transfer/form


                Other complaint forms that may be relevant: https://www.icann.org/compliance/complaint


                We have submitted a complaint and will continue exploring all avenues, including legal if needed, available to us until we get this issue resolved.