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    New to RAC and looking for some advice


      Hello everyone, i am new to this community and a entry level Linux user, i have some old servers performing different tasks (crypto currency pool, website, etc) i am running every application on a different server, and when a single server goes down, that application goes down,  and would like to reconfigure everything into an oracle RAC, i have been reading and looking some tutorials in YouTube but there is a lot of information, basically i have 3 HP proliant DL380 G7 servers witch i was planning to use, i was thinking to use 1 server as a database or NAS, and then the other 2 as nodes, so here are some questions, is it a good idea to use a server as a NAS for the database? then with the other 2 servers i was thinking on virtualization of new machines to perform the same task they servers were doing but having the redundancy of the RAC, is this a good idea? or i should just keep things simple... i see there are a lot of unused resources and was thinking to add everything up and then virtualize servers when i need them and besides the redundancy i could have more virtual servers for each individual project, any comments are welcome, Happy new year!!