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    How to do Dashboard Automation


      Hi, we have to manually do dashboard setup in each environment (Dev/int/qa/prod/dr) when installing a new enterprise edition assembly line.


      Is there a way we can automate or create a package/Script so that Dashboard setup is less time consuming from Integration environment onwards.




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          Hi Manoj,


          Please explain further what "manual setup" you are doing in the Documaker Dashboard web app so I can see if I can aid in answering your question.




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            Hi Steve, in every Environment (Dev/Int/QA/Prod/DR), we are manually setting up dashboard, all MQs, server names, etc even though they are same. I was looking for import/export options on certain tables which once I do in Dev, I can replicate them in higher regions w.r.t Admin and assembly line dashboard setup.



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              So when you say manually setting up Dashboard what do you mean as in ODEE terminology Dashboard is a web app that automatically picks up and list all assembly lines under the System (admin schema)?  By MQ do you mean WebSphere MQ JMS?   Please break this down a bit better for me to digest.


              When you run the ODEE installer it provides the SQL files for deployment based on your input data.  You can capture and modify the ODEE installers response file (responseFile.rsp) for different exteran systems connections and credentials and run it on new node silently to get the tailored SQL and other configuration. 


              You will have to do the WebLogic Server, JMS and DB setup before setting up the responseFile.rsp and running ODEE installer.