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    Dlink DDNS - Registration of new router under existing account



      I hope my query is on-topic here. I was in fact directed to this site by the Dlink's DDNS https://www.dlinkddns.com/ website.

      It mentioned that the DDNS Service of Dlink is managed by Dyn.


      I have Dlink DIR 615 router and I have Dlink's free DDNS account. I  verified the account a few years ago by mentioning the Serial Number & MAC address of the router and it has been successfully verified.

      However I am about to buy a new Dlink router and with its new  MAC & Serial number will it be as simple as just re-verifying the same account with new router details?


      If Yes, what happens to the earlier details of old DIR 615? Can they be used by the new owner? Assume I donate it to someone and they want to create their own Dlink DDNS account with old router MAC & Serial.


      It still remains  1 router - 1 account - 1 user - 1 hostname.

      This requirement will not get violated. All I hope is that my old DIR 615 details should be available to be used by the new owner of that router for Dlink's free  DDNS service.