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    Java Advanced Management Console Desktop Group Creation Issue




      I am trying to create a Desktop Group in AMC. I have been using the AMC admin guide to create the import file. https://docs.oracle.com/javacomponents/advanced-management-console-2/user-guide/desktop-groups-configuration.htm#JSAMV20… 


      My goal is to create a desktop group to filter with for removing Java from a specific list of computers.My csv file looks like the example below. I keep getting a bad request message on the Group Value field. I have tried several different text combinations in the field and it always gets the bad request error. What am I doing wrong or missing?


      In the example provided in the Admin Guide, they use country names as the group variable where I am using a text variable which is the version I plan to uninstall. (I don't care if my group shows the version that I want to remove as the name. It will be deleted after the removal. My goal is a text field I can filter on. I know the Java version that is installed on each host.).


      Example csv:






      Error message: