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    Java Forms fail to launch, but not for SSL VPN users


      Got a first time situation in 13 years of running EBS.

      We're on 12.1.3 on and just completed a clone of PROD, the first we've done in a year.

      We keep all our clones on identical servers and networking setups as PROD, with the exception that we run three of them on a single set of servers (1 apps tier, 1 db tier holds CONV, DVLP and PTCH).

      Linux = OEL5u5, DB =, x64

      Both tiers are up in AWS, connecting through an IPSec VPN with our firewall as the endpoint.

      Connecting using either IE11 or Firefox ESR 50 with Java 1_6u17 on the server, 6u45 on the clients.


      Logged into the new CONV clone from my normal workstation here in the office and I can't start a forms session, getting this Java window error:

      java.io.FileNotFoundException: http://<apps tier server>.kac.com:8070/forms/x

      Can connect to HTML pages with no issue.


      Here's where the weirdness kicks in:

      a. The other two instances' forms sessions (running on the same server) start fine, which suggests there isn't a routing or network connection issue to the apps tier, nor a local Java client issue.

      b. I can successfully launch a forms session if I connect my laptop to a hotspot and SSL VPN into the company network.


      One vague idea I'm kicking around but not getting anywhere with:

      My DBA does do the clones remotely, connected via our SSL VPN.

      When connected via SSL VPN, our firewall hands out a separate network segment to VPN clients, separate from any of our internal network segments.

      I have routing enabled from that VPN segment to the AWS tunnel so users can connect to EBS while traveling, but only by connecting to our network.

      Could some setting have been propagated during the clone or auto-config that is restricting access to just that network segment?


      Can anyone suggest how is it that forms sessions work for the SSL VPN network segment and one started from our internal networks does not?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Fixed this myself, although still don't know how or why.

          Used the steps in Doc ID 2237225.1 even though it was for a different problem:

          A. Start adadmin:

          B. Select 1. Generate Applications File menu

          C. Select 4. Generate product JAR files (Note: Test with no force generation, however if JARs do not generate successfully the force option can also be tested)

          D. Select 2. Generate form files (with library files; with menu files; with forms executables; for all products; all forms and all languages)


          Logged in from internal network location and forms session launched.

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            Turns out it wasn't the adadmin that fixed it:

            While adadmin was running, I had gone to the Java Control Panel in Windows, General tab > Temporary Internet files and deleted all the temp files that pertained to that specific instance (8070 in my case) and I was able to launch forms.

            However, when I went to another PC, I got the same network error, so did the same Java temp file clearing and was able to launch successfully.

            Sorry for the red herring, but all's well that ends well.