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    kernel zone won't boot


      We have an issue that when we try to boot a new zone instance, we get:

      root@global1# zoneadm -z zone1 boot

      error: Not enough contiguous free memory pages to allocate capped-memory:physical value of 24GB for zone.  Consider using memory-reserve(7) to facilitate reserving memory for Kernel Zones
      2020-01-15 15:48:06 error: request failed: Failed to create VM: Not enough space
      error: failed to start zone
      zoneadm: zone zone1 call to zoneadmd(8) failed: zoneadmd(8) returned an error 1 (unspecified error)

      There are currently 7 kernel zones (including the one that will not boot), and the total memory allocated is 280G. The server is a T8-2 with 480G memory (512G memory with DIM sparing), so I guess I am asking why when we apparently have 200G (less global zone) we cannot boot a zone configured with 24G. Is the clue in the "contiguous" requirement? Is there a way around this issue? Is there any good documentation on “memory-reserve"?