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    Replicat starting but not running


      Can someone advise. TIA!



      The Golden Gate Replicat process shows its starting but not running. Anyone seen this before??? Suggestions welcomed.



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          Hi Joe,


          Please provide the below,


          info replicat <rep_name>


          send replicat <rep_name> status


          report file of the replicat process.




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            Thank you! I think we resolved.

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              Veera, (still not resolved) Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Joe


              Report file attached.


              GGSCI (usazrlnxr0358) 1> info all


              Program Status      Group Lag at Chkpt  Time Since Chkpt


              MANAGER RUNNING

              REPLICAT RUNNING     R1ARG 334:59:21     00:00:14

              REPLICAT RUNNING     R2ARG 00:00:00      00:00:03

              REPLICAT RUNNING     RSEQ1 00:00:00      00:00:02

              REPLICAT RUNNING     RSEQ2 00:00:00      00:00:03

              REPLICAT RUNNING     RSEQ3 00:00:00      00:00:08

              REPLICAT RUNNING     RSEQ4 00:00:00      00:00:09



              GGSCI (usazrlnxr0358) 2> info replicat R1ARG


              REPLICAT R1ARG     Last Started 2020-01-15 17:14   Status RUNNING


              Checkpoint Lag       334:59:43 (updated 00:00:06 ago)

              Process ID           61350

              Log Read Checkpoint  File /u01/app/oracle/product/ogg/dirdat/ba000010020

              2020-01-02 16:20:02.034244  RBA 3455940



              GGSCI (usazrlnxr0358) 3> send replicat R1ARG status


              Sending STATUS request to REPLICAT R1ARG ...

              Current status: Processing data

              Sequence #: 10,020

              RBA: 8,760,825

              0 records in current transaction.


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                Vikas Panwar



                on source side (extract or pump whatever you have , whihc is pushing to this replicat) - can you run and share


                info process_name, detail


                Also check from there if the trail which is being pushed is what configured to at this replicat to be read


                mark this reply helpful, correct. This will help others too


                3213102  did you get this working already, id so please post your solution and mark this thread answered. This will help others too.



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                  Do you have all the trails from /u01/app/oracle/product/ogg/dirdat/ba000010020 available?

                  Check for any blocking sessions in the database. I would suggest run an Integrated Healthcheck report and provide for further review