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    PCP config issue - R12.1.3


      Hello Guyz , I need some help with below issue, I appreciate if anybody can help..


      We  have 3 Concurrent processing nodes





      PCP configured on all above nodes, node 1 is primary and node 2 is secondary


      There was a server maintenance and we had to bring down node 3.


      On node3: ./adstpall.sh used to stop all the services


      when all the services gone down on node 3, we have observed that concurrent processing went down on node 1 and node2 also (rest all services intact on node2 and node3)


      Now we have tried the scenario on all nodes, whenever we try to shutdown one node using adstpall.sh the concurrent goes down on all nodes, whenevr we start one node using adstrtall.sh it starts the concurrent on remaining nodes.


      Is this normal practice with PCP or are we missing anything ?