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    CPU Load 100% for host with EM Agent 12c target OMS 13c


      Hello, I'm upgrading from OEM 12c to OEM 13c.

      Everything seems be ok, but I have problem with too old host.

      I have 4 host with Windows 2003 (I know .... ).. I had to install EM Agent 12c on them.

      The dialog with OMS work, but 1 day later, the CPU of host is 100%

      When I restart emagent, CPU goes down, but raise some hours later.


      On My gcagent_errors.log , I've a lot of java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01000: nombre maximum de curseurs ouverts dépassé but not on same time CPU load start (7 hours later)


      I dont know what to do.  I don't think Doc(1940500.1) can be solution, my target database are: 9i and 10g.


      Before upgrade, my host was in EMagent: 12c (the same agent, but with configuration changed), and OEM 12c


      Do you have an idea ?