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    User Interface Defaults - potential bug




      Eager to use user interface defaults, but not everything seems to work as expected (desired ). Did the following testing on apex.oracle.com (19.2) & locally on 19.1:


      Setup: Create Attribute User Interface Default definitions (but I believe that Table defaults have the same problems) for LABEL, FORMAT (both form and report), HELP TEXT



      1)  Create Form page, IR report and IG report from the - with Create an Application functionality + Add page

                Result: No User Interface Defaults Applied; No option to specify to use interface defaults

                No surprises really here as there is no option to specify.


      2) Creating A Page within an existing application - Form, IR, IG (Note: Used User Interface Defaults radio button set to yes)


                     a) Form: works perfect - label, format and help text applied

                     b) Interactive Report: works partially - label and format is correct, but help text is not transferred at all

                     c) Interactive Grid: does not work (tried from table, sql - defaults are not applied)


      Can somebody confirm my findings? We are creating IR and IG reports interchangeably (IR we need so that we can link to the report + link with filter, otherwise would be doing IG only). Questioning the time spent creating User Interface Defaults if they are applied inconsistently + we really need the help text to be standardized and applied to report variables as well - user interface defaults seemed a perfect solution.


      Any input appreciated. Thank you.



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          Scott Wesley

          I've also just had the same experience, and I have findings to add, but questions remain.


          If I create a new application, I'm offered the following checkbox under 'Advanced settings'.

          The other User Interface Defaults option seems to be a separate rabbit hole.

          I can't find any reference to this value in the apex_dictionary, nor do I find a similarly named property in my app export - though it retains the ability once I re-import it.

          In fact, if I create apps without that option checked, it still applies UI defaults under certain circumstances. Is this another clash of terminology?

          I suspect this feature now just happens regardless - but when?


          This person was having issues back in 5.1


          Wizards in the builder have the User Interface Defaults region never'd out.


          Table dictionary in SQL Workshop seems to think the table I found in the UI defaults section, then created defaults for doesn't exist.

          Creating a new report page with a wizard utilises the defaults, but creating a new region on the page does not.

          That's probably it for me, if it only applies UI defaults when walking certain paths, I probably won't bother.

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            Hilary Farrell-Oracle

            Hi ilmarsk & Scott,


            There are indeed a couple of bugs relating to the use of User Interface Defaults by the wizards, and their inconsistent use - two of which are:

              • This impacts 5.1, on. This bug is assigned, and it's hoped it will be addressed in our next release.
              • I understand this impacts a couple of Create Page wizards.  This bug is assigned, and it's hoped it will be addressed in our next release.


            As Scott pointed out, the wizards were revised in recent versions of APEX, to clean up the number of steps involved & reduce complexity.  As part of those changes, the UI Defaults option was removed, with the intention being to automatically apply them where available.  However, this doesn't appear to have been consistently handled.  It is our hope to address these inconsistencies for the next release, time permitting.





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              Scott Wesley

              Thanks, Hilary.


              My interest lies in the Page Builder's capacity to add regions on demand, which certainly don't appear to utilise the UI defaults in any form.


              One of my most frequent development patterns is to right click, creation region, change type to whatever I need...

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                Hilary Farrell-Oracle

                Hi Scott,


                So am I correct in saying that you're referring to the use of Page Designer?  You're correct in your thinking - UI Defaults aren't used in the creation of components on a page in this manner, and to be honest, I'm not sure this is on the cards either.  I'll raise this with the team, but as far as I'm aware, we have no current plans to introduce the use of UI Defaults in the creation of regions via Page Designer.




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                  Scott Wesley

                  That's a shame, because the wizard process only represents a portion of the components that end up on a page.


                  And the Page Designer is where the party's at.


                  Heck, a guilty pleasure is just creating a blank page each time. Rapidly create page stubs, and all that.


                  Maybe (seeking inspiration from the other thread) the ability to apply UI defaults to a region could be a button press away, somewhere on that beautiful property pallette.

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                    Hilary Farrell-Oracle

                    Hi Scott,


                    Apologies for the delayed follow-up....I hadn't forgotten this, but held off responding until we'd had the opportunity to discuss internally.  I'm afraid there's no plans to extend Page Designer to support the use of UI Defaults during the creation of a region.




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                      Scott Wesley

                      Thank you for the informed follow-up.