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    Basic Transfer Guide?


      Hi there,

      I've been a happy camper with dyndns.org since at least 2005, looking at my billing history, but I've recently been getting emails from name.com, who have apparently successfully taken over and charged me for another year of domain registration for my one domain. I sent an email to support here, but sadly haven't received a reply.


      I can't find any emails on the topic of this changeover though - it's come out of the blue in the last few weeks, but in poking around this forum it looks like dyndns is soon to be no more? I'm not completely sure of that, and so uncertain how much needs to be transferred over to name.com.


      What a shame, anyway, I would really appreciate some idiot-proof advice on how to continue with my domain, using it mainly as a bespoke email address that actually points to Gmail. I've a few specific questions below:


      1. Is dyndns.org disappearing altogether, or just the domain name registration bit?


      2. At name.com, my domain's nameservers are listed as:







      I *think* I need to change these to name.com's? If so, do I do this at dyndns.org, and if so, what are name.com's equivalent nameservers?


      3. I also have the following mx records at dyndns.org, which I think are critical in using a custom email address to actually point to a gmail account:








      Do I need to add this info at name.com, can't see where to do it?



      In short, I'm a bit confused by what's going on, so any help would be greatly appreciated!


      EDIT: short version of the above: if I changed my domain's dns records at name.com to those of name.com, and added the above mx records to my name.com domain then is that all I need to use the domain as a custom email address that is pointed to gmail? Can I then remove such records from dyn.com/cancel my account altogether at dyn.com?

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          Hi 4180844,


          Emails were sent to customers whose domain registration was with Dyn in early December 2019, with the transfer to name.com occurring mid to late December. Oracle + Dyn no longer offers domain registration as a service. Name.com will continue to manage your domain for you unless/until you choose to transfer it to another registrar.


          Regarding your name servers and records, I am assuming that you use the Standard DNS service. This service will continue to work for you as it always has until its expiration on May 31, 2020. Prior to then you will need to change services to avoid disruption. I am unfamiliar with name.com DNS service or offerings so I can not offer input on settings there, both how or where to do so.


          You can export your records from Dyn via account.dyn.com and clicking on "Dyn Standard DNS Service" associated with your domain. Then click on the green "Export Zone" button. Once downloaded, you should be able to import to a new DNS service without issue.



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            Thanks very much for that I appreciate it. Since posting I've transferred my mx records to my domain at name.com, and more recently also changed the dns servers listed there from dyn.com to name.com's default servers. My email address using the domain name and pointing to a G Suite mail account is still working swimmingly, so I'm winding down my account here, after 15 years or so, very sad really but there it is.

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              I'm glad to hear that you were able to get your services migrated without issues. Thank you for your 15 years with us, it means a lot



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