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    OCCI (v19.5) createEnvironment crashes with 32104


      I Build my simple project in MSVC19, and I can't this code work.


      #include "iostream"
      #include "occi.h"
      using namespace std;
      using namespace oracle::occi;
      #define db_user_name "test"
      #define db_password "test"
      #define db_conn_str "service"
      int main(int argc, char* argv[])
              Environment* env = Environment::createEnvironment(Environment::OBJECT); // in line with error => goto catch block and return 32104
              Connection* conn = env->createConnection(db_user_name, db_password, db_conn_str);
              Statement* stmt = conn->createStatement("Select 1 from dual");
              ResultSet* rs = stmt->executeQuery();
              int res = 0;
              while (rs->next())
                  res = rs->getInt(1);
          catch (SQLException & sqlExcp)
              std::string temp = sqlExcp.getMessage();
              std::cerr << sqlExcp.getErrorCode() << " " << sqlExcp.getMessage() << std::endl;
          return 0;
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          Gaz in Oz

          oerr ora 32104

          32104, 00000, "cannot retrieve OCI error message"

          // *Cause: Error message after an OCI call could not be retrieved.

          // *Action:  This is an internal OCCI Error.  Please contact customer support.

          Have you got your OCI env configured correctly? The error number/message seems to be saying it can not find the file with the actual error message in it.

          Raise an SR with Oracle Support if you can.