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    Ogg 12.3 to 12.1 file format


      Hi Experts ,


      we have 12.3 source GG environment and multiple target envs with same 12.3 gg and 12.1 also,  trying to replicat the data to one of the  target database with target 12.1 GG version which is configured in target system.


      when we try to bring up the pump process in source 12.3 GG its not coming up and getting below errors


      OGG-06600 The remote peer for remote trail dirdat/et does not support 9 digit seqlen feature. Continuing with 6 digit seqlen.


      OGG-01031 There is a problem in network communication, a remote file problem with the Collector/Receiver Server (Reply received is Unable to open file dirda/et004174" (error 11, Resource temporarily unavailable)).


      I could see the below solution


      You can lower the source to use 6 digit trail sequences by:

      1. Create a text file called GLOBALS in the source <OGG_HOME>
      2. Add a line containing: TRAIL_SEQLEN_6D

      Then restart MGR and recreate your EXTRACT and PUMP.


      Hope if we use TRAIL_SEQLEN_6D in global parameter then will all the trailes will be 6 digit format , please correct me if im wrong , but here we don't want to change the 9D trail format for 12.3 to 12.3 setups which is already running .


      here the 6D is required only for target system which is running with 12.1 , is there anyway can use this parameter only for specific pump processes  trails?


      or please suggest if any other alternative way to fix the above issue , upgrading the target 12.1 to 12.3 is not possible as of now , we can plan it later only.




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          Vikas Panwar

          Hi AATP,

          2 things which I can think of. not sure if they will work:


          First Alternative:

          on target side write one more pump this will read incoming trail and write it for ur replicat.

          and here on target try using GLOBALS

          - not sure if this will work as target pump will also be on 12.1


          Second Alternative:

          if you will use format release on source, wont it will understand automatically as it has to write to lower version therefore write in 6 digit - and if not may it shd and is eligible for Oracle bug ?

          example OGG 12.3 to OGG 11.2

          off-course we will mention format release here. Ideally by itself it shd generate trail of 6 digit not 9 digit




          Mark post helpful, correct or like it. this will help others too




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            Hi VP,


            Thanks , Hope the first alternative will not work since the source pump itself not coming up due to this digit issue , the target GG 12.2 wont accept the 9 digit trail coming from source 12.3 .


            Regarding second alternative , Can you please share the exacgt format release parameter for 12.3 to 12.1



            Also We could see below in Oracle Notes


            The default behavior for FORMAT RELEASE settings supported with EXTTRAIL, RMTTRAIL, EXTFILE and RMTFILE has changed. This is due to changes need to support PDBs with Local Undos. The three bullet points below provide a summary of what has changed.

            • Non-CDB databases with compatibility set to 12.1, FORMAT RELEASE 12.2 or above is supported.
            • Non-CDB databases with compatibility set to 12.2, FORMAT RELEASE 12.2 or above is supported.
            • CDB/PDB databases with compatibility set to 12.2, only FORMAT RELEASE 12.3 is supported. This is due to the use of local undo for PDBs, which requires augmenting the transaction ID with the PDB number to ensure uniqueness of trx IDs.