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    Dynamic Content Email Templates


      Can NetSuite email templates populate with dynamic content? For example, we have a lot of email templates for various business cases, but in order to update say the logo, we have to go into every one and manually update across all those saved templates. It would be great if we could edit one template with new logo and have either a workflow or merge field manage the content within the template. Didn't see much documentation in the interwebs specific to NetSuite email marketing. Thanks!

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          Hi Mark.


          There are a couple of options but it really depends on if these are transactional emails or campaign based emails.

          If you are looking for a comprehensive tool to manage automated mail with dynamic content and workflows then i'd look into the Bronto email addon.

          we use it and its a real-time saver but not cheap


          it's more than capable of doing what your after in an easy drag and drop template environment ( including the workflows - they have prebuilt templates to use)


          Alternatively, if you want to keep your budget low then a combo of custom fields, conditional statements in your email templates etc it is possible to make dynamic content.


          There are a few examples on the support portal on this also look into the AdvancedPDF templates you find the standard templates in here use a few conditional statements you could use as examples.


          Hope this helps.

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            Hey Ben, thanks for the response. We do use Bronto for our marketing communication and a bit of our transactional, but not all. I'm curious when you say "addon" do you mean there is some sort of interaction directly within NS that allows us to leverage Bronto templates? I can google this too, but if you could explain a bit more how you use it, that would be helpful.


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              Hi,  may I know you are sending B2B email or B2C ?  we are thinking of using dynamic content also,  but we are sending B2B, our client want to do dynamic content based on engagement and automatically trigger email sending.  As far as we know, Eloqua can only creat dynamic content based on existing contacts/ account/ CDO fields.