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    Forms standalone - fire reports



      Now, after the improved version has been released, I would like to ask the following question:

      - Knowing that it is possible to install the forms builder as standalone, is it possible to run the reports inside forms?



      At the car mechanic´s.

      Only one computer.

      Using Form Builder and Report Builder 6 you can generate forms and reports quickly.

      Simple and lite installation.


      I want to be able to run the forms and call already existant reports without having to install Weblogic, is it possible?

      Making it very simple.



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          Simple answer, No it isn't.


          To run them you have to install the complete stack with weblogic.



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            Michael Ferrante-Oracle

            Reports has been deprecated since the initial release of 12.2.1.  Therefore no new development is planned for it even IF it continues to be released.  It's time to start thinking about alternatives.  Oracle is recommending BI-Publisher or Analytics Cloud Service.


            As for 6i, we all liked various features it had, but that was 20 years ago.  Moving into the 21st century meant some features had to move on in order to consume new ones.   If we stay in the past forever we'll never improve anything.  Forms 12, in my opinion is vastly better than 6i for what you can do with it.  And, again in my opinion, Forms is far better than all the previous web deployed earlier versions (11, 10, 9).

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              Of course yes!

              I think that evolution is important and necessary.

              But if they force us to change/recreate and 'lose' years of work ...

              I really like forms 6i and I have thousands of forms / reports for micro companies

              it is unthinkable to ask micro companies to buy machines to support an infrastructure ... and many do not have internet.

              it was good for forms 12c to be able to call/run reports.

              But everything is simple.

              It is obvious that oracle prefers to have a large customer than small thousands ...