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    R12.2 multinode clone shell script




      I am looking a way to automate weekly clone using shell script for multinode apps tier.




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          Hi Chandra ,


          Please let us know what is the issue you are facing .

          Also let us know what is the EBS version and Database version


          If you are on R12.2 , there is a document on how to automate clone .


          Cloning Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 with Rapid Clone (Doc ID 1383621.1)


          Go to section 6


          If I have answered your query , please mark my answer as correct answer/helpful




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            Maaz Khan

            Hello Chandra,


            Automating multi-node ebs r12.2 environment will depend on various factors and you will have to start automating step wise like as follows -


            Source DB nodes -

            1. Backup of database ( you can use duplicate from active database to skip this depending on your network bandwidth)

            2. Backup of DB Oracle Home.


            Source Apps nodes-

            1. Running adpreclone

            2. Backup run fs.



            Target DB Nodes -

            1. Backing up DB Links, FND_NODES table, dba_directories, tns and listener details, dbc file and context file.

            2. Disabling RAC feature for targe db and detaching Oracle home from inventory

            3. Restoring source db Oracle Home and extracting it.

            4. Restoring db.

            5. Node Cleanup

            6. Enabling RAC

            7. Autoconfig run on each node.


            Target application nodes -

            1. Extracting application tar backup.

            2. adcfgclone.pl run

            3. Disabling shared filesystem

            4. autoconfig with updated context file.

            5. adpreclone.pl on 1st node.

            6. configure patch fs.

            7. Enabling shared filesystem by adding node.

            8. Configuring run and patch fs on newly added node.


            You can simply split steps in 3 major categories -

            1. Presteps

            2. Cloning Steps

            3. Post clone steps.


            Then review every step in cloning process and check for scope of automation. Eventually you will have sequence of shell scripts that can be executed serially to achieve some level of automation.