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    Saved Searches


      Anyone know a formula I can use to capture only the variance of lines based on the columns in the screenshot below?  I am looking to capture only what is pending as you can see in the line where 1 unit was shipped but 0 received


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          You can use in criteria

          Formula (Numeric): case when {field1} != {field2} then 1 else 0 end

          And then in the fields below choose equal and value 1.

          It's working for me In a similar case.


          Best regards


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            Hi Rado


            Unfortunately its throwing an error for me.  Perhaps because I already have a formula in the criteria.  Here is my criteria and results.  Maybe you can share what your search looks like with me and I take a different approach?  Sorry for the late reply.  I had an issue logging in.  Any help is appreciated




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              I'm new to NS but I know a little about programming and I am doing some technical support on NS for less than a month now but no formal training in NS.

              Please correct me if I am wrong.


              Below is the formula(numeric) that Rado advised.  Please add them on your criteria

              Another suggestion is below