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    Not able to update Eloqua Form using API

    Debiprasad Dey

      Hello, I am trying to update an existing Eloqua form to add few more fields, so for this I am using the end point : https://secure.p04.eloqua.com/api/REST/1.0/assets/form/119


      Now the issue is when I am passing the field details it is getting overwrite the existing values, but what I need is to append the fields. Not sure why it is not working, below how I am trying


      PUT : https://secure.p04.eloqua.com/api/REST/1.0/assets/form/119

      {        "id":"119",     "name":"TEST_FORM_Feb_2020",     "processingType":"externalEmail",     "elements":[             {             "type":"FormField",             "name":"Field1",             "style":"{\"fieldSize\":\"large\",\"labelPosition\":\"top\"}",             "dataType":"text",             "displayType":"text",             "htmlName":"Field1"         },         {             "type":"FormField",             "name":"Field12",             "style":"{\"fieldSize\":\"large\",\"labelPosition\":\"top\"}",             "dataType":"text",             "displayType":"text",             "htmlName":"Field12"         }     ] }



      This gives 500 Internal Server Error, if I pass only one set of field under element then it is pass though.



      Need help how we can manage this to update/add additional fields to a form.



      Debiprasad Dey