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    How to set report level in BIP external report - Unifier Custom report


      Hi All,


      currently i am working on External report where report is created in BIP (under UnifierExternalFolder) and synchronized in Unifier as external report.

      The issue i am facing is to set report level. Project_id doesn't seem to work as it does for internal reports.i.e. if this report is run for level A it gives data from level A,B,C as well.


      I have been working on internal custom reports (BIP integrated custom reports) in Unifier. For internal reports Dataview must have "Project_id" that defines shell level at which report will be executed.

      Basically Project_id is equated with uuu_p_context_project_id (that store shell id) during run time in internal custom report.


      i am new to External custom report and not sure how uuu_p_context_project_id is useful when report is created in BIP.


      Is there any suggestions/solutions??