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    Retrieving app records using the bulk API from a step in an active canvas

    Rohit Abburi


      I am developing an action service app compatible to deal with large volumes of data, instead of getting data from HTTP POST request from Eloqua, i wanted to use a single BULK export to retrieve all the records by setting Records per Notification as 0 and following the steps mentioned in this documentation provided by Oracle.

      Even though the documentation suggests all the records can be retrieved through a single BULK export, the records are arriving to the step in the batches of 5000.

      For e.g., If i have a total of 20,000 records in the step, i am receiving 4 notification calls of 5000 each with different Execution IDs.

      Is there a way to get all the records through a single notification call with a single execution ID??

      Thanks in Advance.




      Lou Patrick