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        L. Fernigrini

        Yes, the difference has been 250 for more than a year, and I did not fill accreditation on MOSC until some months ago.


        I believe the difference appeared soon after I started participating strongly on the forums, one of those periods (during 2018 probably) when points were not getting awarded, I may have posted some example of my profile showing the same points after 2 correct + 1 helpful (or 1 correct + 3 helpful) answers, someone from Oracle fixed the profile but not in all places...

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          L. Fernigrini

          AFAIK, everyone can see anyone rank.


          I do not think this issue is important at all, it just looks weird


          Since James was working on the gratification issues, I remembered this as an issue that may be solved if it is something "general" that affects other people, I do not know since I do not go into other users profiles except for searching some content related information (not reputation)

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            L. Fernigrini wrote:

            AFAIK, everyone can see anyone rank.


            Yes, I am aware of it. What I meant to say was that when you login, only you can see your rank. The rank you see on the welcome page is not what other people see when they login ,or open the welcome page, so it's a bit of a silly trick spoiling your ego and nothing else but self-entertaining.


            When I wrote "Only you can see what rank you are" I should have better written will instead of can, which comes closer to what I actually meant to outline. As far as digging into anyone's profile concerns, like I said, I can't think anyone bothers.

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              James M. Finch-Oracle wrote:


              Let's open this to everyone - what do you think about "hidden" badges and missions. If we're ever in a place to eventually revamp gamification, what are everyone's thoughts on them?


              And would you rather have an ongoing X points for posting an individual level (1 point per post for example) compared to getting a reward for a cumulative total (X points for 100 posts, etc.)?





              System Admin


              No feedback so far which is surprising. Perhaps it's not the best moment considering the corona virus and current national crisis. Many if not most are likely occupied with "bigger problems" to cope with at this time.


              Speaking of crisis. Introverts will do better in times of social distancing. You can probably consider yourself an expert introvert when you enter an empty elevator and quickly push the "close door" button. But you have to be careful these days to share your "good time" with extroverts these days, or you may earn complete lack of understanding.


              To answer your inquiry, I'd prefer if there were points for helpful and correct answers only. Points for posting, or using gamification to set incentive, is generally ill-advised to foster or create intrinsic motivation. Simplicity and transparency is king when considering rewards. The point system should be easy for anyone to understand and verify. So, I'm OK with missions to some extent, which is another page, but no more hidden missions.



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                J Reinhart

                If we can find a way to get more users to mark Helpful and Correct posts, that would be a benefit.  Especially marking Correct, since that changes the question's status.  Some of us surf through the unanswered questions to try to help others.  Many times questions have answers already, and may even have thank-you text from the OP, but stay in unanswered status because no response was ticked as the Correct one.


                I believe there are emails that go out periodically to ask the OP if his question is answered, and the OP gets points for marking correct items.  Maybe additional or more visible gamification would result in more correct buttons getting clicked?


                Points for every post is a mixed bag, really.  It does help get people to post responses, which we really want.  But it also gets some people to post fluff like "I agree"  The value of the good responses outweighs the fluff most of the time, so my opinion is to keep having some small number of points per response.  Points for Helpful and Correct are more important, though, so if we can have both we should keep both but if we want to choose, we should go for helpful/correct.


                Perhaps points as a reward for multiple Likes?   People rarely 'like' the fluff posts so that would be a way to distinguish.

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                  If we can find a way to get more users to mark Helpful and Correct posts, that would be a benefit.


                  I think we already had an idea around that.  At least, if there were stats showing against each user for how many questions they've asked, left open, closed etc. then it may encourage more people to go back and mark their posts as answered (and hence award correct/helpful).  It would also assist others in seeing who doesn't bother to.


                  I believe there are emails that go out periodically to ask the OP if his question is answered, and the OP gets points for marking correct items.

                  It was certainly trialled in the past and I think may be active on a couple of select forums, but I don't think it got fully implemented (changes in Oracle staff I think).  Certainly having emails sent to prompt a person to go back to their unanswered questions after N days to review it and mark it if appropriate, seems like a good idea to me.


                  When it comes to points per post...  Nope. Absolutely not.  The "old" community used to have that as it's points and ranking scheme, but you just ended up with loads of people posting nonsense to get their points up and become a "guru".  It really didn't work.

                  I can understand awarding some points for making your first post on the community, or uploading your profile picture, or changing your display name from the initial default etc. as a way of encouraging people who've just signed up to take part... but after that, points should be for things that are actually recognised as being helpful or correct, or contributing in some way, not just for day to day activity (except maybe a nice "bonus 500 points" or something for being active (at least 10 posts per month) on the community for the first year as a way to keep people engaged)


                  I think hidden missions are good, they add an element of being rewarded without expecting it and not just for people who are being active in desperation for boosting their status.  And I think that's why the current hidden missions are targeted around more highly active users, who go above and beyond the usual missions.

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