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    Interactive Grid - highlighting cells in APEX 18, 19 and 20


      I've got problem with Interactive Grid JavaScript API cross APEX versions.


      First of all I've started with this old thread:



      from which I've learned how I can use model field meta data to add custom classes to IG cell.


      To make it simple let's say I have dynamic action bound to custom event addValidClass with true action Execute JavaScript Code defined as below:


        region = $(this.browserEvent.target),
        grid = region.interactiveGrid('getViews').grid,
        meta = grid.model.getRecordMetadata( this.data.recordId );
      if ( !meta.fields.hasOwnProperty( this.data.column ) ) {
        meta.fields[ this.data.column ] = {};
      meta.fields[ this.data.column ].highlight = "validValue";


      I'm triggering this dynamic action using the code:


      apex.event.trigger( $('#grid_ig').get(0), 'addValidClass', {recordId: 7839, column: 'ENAME'} )


      My problem is that this code works as expected in APEX 19 and 20 but in APEX it doesn't.


      My observations:

      • when cell value is not changed I can change the cell class as many times I want - works every time
      • when cell value is modified the rendered grid table doesn't add given class
        • when checking model meta data for this row and column I can see the property highlight is set
      • when I save the grid using SAVE button then grid renders cells with classes I've assigned


      Is it bug? Is there workaround I can use for APEX 18?




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          John Snyders-Oracle

          Hi Bartosz,


          I believe that 18.1 did not do a good job of refreshing the row or cell css classes when the model changed. I think this was first fixed in 18.2. I don't think there was a bug number associated with this improvement. I don't have an old 18.1 handy to test with but I can see this from looking at code diffs. You can compare the code from 18.1 and 19.1 and you will see that one has a getCellClass function and the older one does not.


          I recommend upgrading to a later version of APEX if at all possible.


          You may be able to work around this by forcing the row to re-render itself by calling the internal method _replaceRecord. This is why it shows correctly after save; because save results in the row being re-rendered. Because it is an old release, internal methods and something that is fixed I can't investigate this workaround. You can probably figure out how to use _replaceRecord by looking at the code.



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            Thank you John for the reply. Your answer is enough for me, just needed to know whether I can consider it as the bug or not.