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    migration wizard reverse engineer crash Workbench 8.0.18

    serge Medelice

      Hi there,

      On Windows 10 64 bit, I'm using Workbench 8.0.18 Commercial version.

      When migrating small MsSQL database (SQL Server 2012) to MySQL 8.0.19 Commercial using Workbench Migration Wizard, Workbench crashes when reaching step 'Reverse Engineer Source'


      Problem Event Name:                       APPCRASH

        Application Name:                          MySQLWorkbench.exe

        Application Version:              

        Application Timestamp:                  5d84dbff

        Fault Module Name:                       wbpublic.be.dll

        Fault Module Version:           

        Fault Module Timestamp:               5d84d8bc

        Exception Code:                              c0000005

        Exception Offset:                             000000000000fd1c

        OS Version:                                     6.2.9200.

        Locale ID:                                        1033

        Additional Information 1:                1996

        Additional Information 2:                199600ebdf21543acda9faddc34ca634

        Additional Information 3:                5313

          Additional Information 4: 53133d6dcf3e5555f65608e2ec5ff921


      I was able to perform MsSQL database migration to MySQL using Workbench migration Wizard (same version as above) without problem when migrating another MsSQL database.

      I have searched for this issue but I only found issue referring to previous Workbench version e.g. 6.0


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you