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    OCI exam question (1z0-1072)



      I am studying for the above exam. I'm focused on the Oracle Database Cloud Service topic currently.

      I am using exam study guides, i.e., typical questions that come up on the exam.


      One question that comes up a few times on the exam paper I have is:

      What scaling option does DBCS on Bare Metal Shape offer?

      A. network bandwidth

      B. CPU

      C. Storage

      D. Memory


      Answer: C


      I thought the answer was actually B, CPU. I am using the following reference: https://docs.cloud.oracle.com/iaas/Content/Database/Concepts/overview.htm

      It mentions the two shape options for Bare Metal and storage considerations but nothing specifically about scaling options.


      It then moves on to VM DB Systems, stating:

      Virtual machine DB systems also differ from bare metal DB systems in the following ways:

      • A virtual machine DB system database uses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure block storage instead of local storage. You specify a storage size when you launch the DB system, and you can scale up the storage as needed at any time.
      • The number of CPU cores on an existing virtual machine DB system cannot be changed.


      These two bullet-points suggest to me that the number of CPU cores cannot be changed on a VM DB system, but can on a Bare Metal DB system, and storage cannot be changed on a Bare Metal system but can on a VM DB system.


      Can someone put me out of my misery and confirm either way?