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    Deciding What Oracle Cloud Service To Migrate into


      I am posting this as I am willing to cover every aspect and topic regarding to migrating from on-primes to cloud.  I am looking forward your contribution:


      If your organization decided to move to the cloud, what are the  questions that you would ask Oracle representative regarding to migration and to help you to select either IaaS,PaaS or SaaS? Let's say the system is Oracle EBS.

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          Sylvain Martel

          Hello Mussa,


          If you are going to present at a conference or write a book, make sure you put every single contributor name in your document!  LOL


          Your question is so huge, that it is a case by case scenario.  It all depends what the current system is.  But for a ERP ilke Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), the answer is very simple.  There is only 1 way to move EBS to the cloud, and that is on a IaaS both the DB server and the application server.  Which is in a way is the same as having EBS on premise, except there is no server on site.


          The lift and shift tools available would help the migration from on premise to IaaS (moving to Oracle OCI only).


          So questions to the Oracle reps are really about sizing, disaster recovery and the number of instances you will need, in order to estimate a price.


          Now, if an organization would like to entertain the idea of moving from EBS to a SaaS ERP, they would have to reimplement an ERP using Fusion Applications Cloud, for example, or any other cloud ERP out there that would satisfied their needs.


          That's a very condensed Reader's Digest contribution.  Hoope it helps!

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            In regards to EBS, which all modules currently being used? Future roadmap is Fusion . Hence if you are going to make a shift from EBS to  IaaS  or  Fusion Applications

            move to Fusion. Otherwise later down the line you need to move from EBS IaaS to Fusion Applications.


            I worked in both EBS and Fusion Application. Fusion is the latest technology and has new features and user interface. It is the next generation application

            Best Regards

            Rajesh Alex

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              Probably moving to PaaS because we have lot's of customization

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                Sylvain Martel

                Hi Mussa,


                That's a good point you are bringing in here!  If your ERP has a lot of customization, think twice before moving to Fusion Applications (SaaS) since customizations / personalizations / extensions are quite different than it used to be.  We can extend with Oracle Application Express (APEX) for example on a PaaS or Autonomous Database Cloud, but it requires more work since you have to deal with web services as opposed to use readily available APIs and views from the EBS database.


                EBS R12.2.x will be enhanced and supported (Premier Support that is) for another 10 years or so (at least as per Oracle's Cliff Godwin), so depending on your organization vision, the decision of moving to Fusion could be dependant on how many customizations you can get rid of.  Another factor to consider which has a tremendous impact on your organization, release of new version is out of your control!  Every couple of months, Fusion will be "upgraded", so you have a few weeks to perform your regression testing and then it's in production.  You have no choice!  So considering that you have many customizations, make sure you have functional people available on a regular basis to approve the changes.


                I could go on and on, but I think you got the point.  An ERP is not (simply) an IT project but a tool that support your business processes to make the organization more efficient and profitable.

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                  Thanks.  Your replies are always helpful