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    Moving a windows 18c RAC cluster to another SAN.


      I have installed an 18c 2 node RAC cluster on our site on windows 2016. I need to deploy the Servers to the customer site but need to use their SAN. There is no connectivity between our site and the customers site. I am looking for a document/guide on how to connect the servers to the site SAN and restore/config the RAC servers to recognize the customer SAN . Particularly the Grid component.

      The steps I believe are necessary are.

      1. Create the new LUNS on the SAN . [straight forward]

      2. configure the OS on each RAC node to recognize the SAN LUNS. [straight forwardish]

      3. format the new LUNS

      4. restore the grid configuration to the LUNs

      5. configure the RAC nodes to  recognize the new luns

      6. restore the data.


      does anyone have any experience of this and/or documentation to follow ?