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    C:/cygwin/bin/sh: C:cygwinbinchmod.exe: command not found




      Trying to deploy Oracle EM13c agent to any Windows servers from eom running on AIX. According to install documentation I need to install cygwin on windows machines. I suspect the deployment does not handle the environment the correct way, therefore all backslashes do not appear as they should during deployment.

      Pushing the binary from AIX oem to the windows runs ok, but the next command chmod fails:

      Execution of command C:/cygwin/bin/chmod.exe 755 C:/agent13c/ADATMP_2020-01-14_15-37-10-PM/9C069C7AF69401CEE053AC1E0978AC36 on host vstxorcl01 Failed   

      Error Message:C:/cygwin/bin/sh: C:cygwinbinchmod.exe: command not found


      Exit Code :127


      Anyone experience the same behavior?