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      Hello. I decided to write here first to find out how everything works here

      P.S. can i change my nickname? I don't like 5597bb50-342c-4b31-9d60-204b15fcfcbf 


      Hello. I decided to write here first to find out how everything works here



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          Shilpi Chandra -Oracle



          You can change your display name as below:


            • Log into Oracle Community
            • Click on the drop-down arrow next to your name in the upper right corner
            • In the Actions list on your profile page, click "Edit Profile"
            • Choose the "Your Profile" tab on this page
            • From Your Profile Tab, Select the Edit link next to your username. (Note: Click on the blue "Edit" link where it shows "The Handle name applies to the name that shows up...")
            • Enter the public Display Name you want next to"Your Display Name".
            • Select the Save button
            • Note: You must log out of the community and then log back in for your change to take effect.


          To know more about Oracle Community check out:

          Oracle Community – How To FAQ

          Oracle Community – General FAQ


          Hope this helps.


          Shilpi Chandra

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            Welcome. Are you able to change your display name?


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              Shilpi Chandra -Oracle

              Hi Shyam,


              It was not me who requested the procedure for change of nick name ( looks like you replied to my post).

              The name of the person is still shown as 5597bb50-342c-4b31-9d60-204b15fcfcbf, with his last logged in as seen from his profile as April 9th.

              This is the same date when he has put in this post. So it looks like he has not seen our post.


              Once he see the responses I am sure he will be able to change his nick name.