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    Updating Record through REST v1 Web Service

    Jeffrey Brock

      We just upgraded to version 19.12.3 and I'm trying to test the new REST service.  After reading through documentation posted here --> https://docs.oracle.com/cd/F11145_01/English/Integration_Documentation/integration/helpmain.htm?toc.htm?10292964.htm , and successfully getting login authorization key through web service, and retrieving a BP record through a GET request,  I'm getting an error status - 3004 - "record_no not present in request input"


      The BP test record is a BP workflow with line items, however I am just trying to edit the upper form. I was able to retrieve the same record via GET function and path.


      Using Postman, I've set up the Header information as follows:



      Body of request is as follows:



      As you can see, I do have a record_no present in my request.  Am I just putting it in the wrong place? What might I be missing?

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          Jeffrey Brock

          After a few more hours of digging and trying various things, I found what the issue was.  In my original picture I was using a path with http:// .  This http:// was redirecting to an https:// path automatically from a 301 redirect response.  However, by default, Postman will automatically redirect the response and convert the original HTML request to GET instead of PUT or POST, removing the body of the request. This is what was causing a error response that looked like I was missing record_no information, even though clearly it was in the original request.


          This behavior makes sense as its meant to prevent sending data to an unknown source if its redirected without your knowing.  However, as someone not familiar with POSTMAN, I did not realize this was happening until I turned off automatically follow redirects, and found that I was getting a response to redirect me at the https version of our site.  See below picture for reference.

          Ray McEntee -Oracle - Any way this can be noted in integration documentation? I know this redirect may only be applicable for cloud hosted environments, however it seems worth noting as this was a pain to troubleshoot, and going through searches on the community I found one other individual who had this same problem about a year ago without any resolution from the community.