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    The search facility on here, am I using it incorrectly?


      Last week I was viewing a thread on here but forgot to bookmark it to finish reading later...


      Passing a value from another Region to another page


      So today I decided to try and find it, I know that it involved the user fac586 and the word "branch"


      I entered those terms into the filter item and get only 1 result and it's not the one that I want



      from that I can assume that the username is not included in the text search, fair enough, I'll just search for "branch"




      still doesn't display the one that I'm looking for so i went to the fac586 "Content" page and searched for the word "branch" in all threads that he had participated in, it returned results but didn't include the thread that I was looking for (it was only last week and these results are ordered by most recent activity first)


      eventually I had to go to the "Activity" tab and manually look for the correct thread as there is no search facility in that tab


      it shouldn't be this difficult, can you show me the correct way to find that thread using the same search criteria please?  I'm hoping I've missed something obvious


      i don't suppose there's a REST API that we can use to create our own search Interactive Reports with? including Oracle Text search