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    Loading Data Into Oracle HCM Cloud Using Parameterized BI Publisher Report



      I hope most of you have already gone through one of my earlier post where we have seen how to Load Data into Oracle HCM Cloud Using BI Publisher Report. If you have not seen the post yet please feel free to refer the same from this link . In this post we would try to achieve a similar data load mechanism but in this case we will try to use parameterized BI Publisher Report instead.

      Many a times we have to perform Discretionary Disbursement from the various Absence Plans configured in the application. Most of the time this is a manual process but if there is a set of rule to be followed and the number of employees for whom this action needs to be performed is huge it makes sense to automate the process. In this post we would try to achieve the same using a BI Publisher Report. We would try to load Person Accrual Detail data using a parameterized BIP Report in this example.


      Read the complete post https://apps2fusion.com/oracle-fusion-online-training/165-oracle-articles/2567-loading-data-into-oracle-hcm-cloud-using-parameterized-bi-publisher-report