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    Unable to set up connection to import from SQL Server data dictionary


      The process described in the user guide for importing a data dictionary from a SQL Server database cannot be executed past a certain point.  I have started and saved a design and subordinate relational model.  File > Import brings up the Import Wizard in Connect to Database mode.  When I click on the Add button (which I finally found hiding under the main Wizard button bar), nothing happens.  In other words, no connection configuration window.


      I have downloaded and installed version, which contains some 64-bit Java version that I can't discover.  I downloaded and installed the latest Microsoft jdbc driver file, sqljdbc_8.2.2.0_enu.  I registered the paths for the three .jar files in it through the Tools > Preferences > Data Modeler > Third Party JDBC Drivers windows.


      What's missing?  I've done everything specifically described in the DM installation instructions and the user guide.  And none of the Google search results I've looked at, nor your past questions, has this problem.


      Addendum to original posting

      SQL Server instance is 2017 Developer Edition.  All software is running on Windows 10 workstation.


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      More info

      This is the message that appears on the Logging Page tab when I click on the Add button, Level=SEVERE, Sequence=245, Elapsed=11008, Source=oracle.dbtools.crest.util.logging.Logger, Message=FCPConnectionDialog.showConnectionDialog().  Essentially the same message appears with each press.  What does this mean?  Where should I troubleshoot?


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