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    orcladdressbookcompany WITH OJMA

      Is there any way yo retrieve the orcladdressbookcompanyname of a contact throught OJMA API. I've took a look at the contact metadata (using DirectoriAccess Api) and I only get these properties:

      mand : [name]
      optional : [orclmailemail, givenname, sn, o, ou, title, l, postalcode, postofficebox, c, st, street, birthday, telephonenumber, facsimiletelephonenumber, homephone, mobile, pager, orclmailaddresscategory, orclmailcreatedon, orclmailcreatedby, description, orclmailwwwaddress, uniquemember, orclmailupdatedby, orclmailsmsnokia, orclmailsmsaldison, orclmailsmscmg, orclmailwctp, orclmailsmsunisys, orclmailupdatedon]

      but when I synchronize my phone contacts with Oracle Contacts I cans see throught OID that the 'Company' propery is stored on LDAP as an attribute called orcladdressbookcompany.

      any idea? I think there's a new API that let you work with Oracle Contacts directly (Contacts Java API : http://download-uk.oracle.com/docs/cd/B25553_01/addressbook.1012/b25483/toc.htm) but I don't know how to obtain an UserAddressBook object.