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    Issue with Master Detail channel link focus - updated

    Regis Peregrin

      Issue: 12c Dashboard has two different pages with Master Detail channel links.  One page does not shift when the link is sent, the other page jumps down to a view lower on the page.  How can I control the focus so that page does not shift down?


      Issue Detail: The first page analysis has a Master Detail link that works. The bar graph at the top is grouped by the master link column whcih sends via a channel the selection to four detail views below. Each of the four views below have master column in it’s prompt which changes appropriately.  My issue is this: as soon as a bar is chosen, the focus jumps down to the trellis view (3rd view down).  The user blinks and thinks “Whoa!  What just happened?!” They must scroll up to the bar graph at the top of the page to see the four views in their proper order, or to make another selection. How can I control the focus after a master detail channel link is sent?


      The last page was built differently.  Inexplicably, on the final dashboard page, the master link bar changes all the views without jumping down the page.  It has two analyses on the dashboard page, so the one master selection is changing all 8 views. Still the page doesn’t scroll down to a lower view. Focus does not hang on a view below.  The page doesn’t move at all.  I don’t know why, but I like it.


      (I don’t know how this could matter but I thought it should be mentioned: the master column is variable @{PV_BreakoutCol}{"Encounter Facility"."Enc Region"}, using a presentation variable set in the prompt,. That part is working wonderfully.) The master link jumps to the 3rd view down no matter which variable is passed.


      Things I’ve tried:

      • Read through threads in this space
      • Read through blogs on the web
      • Reset the 4 views channel information and saved it in a different order
      • Rebuilt the 4 views in a different order (from top of page to the bottom) in case View shelf order matters
      • Rebuilt the 4 views in a different order (from bottome to top) in case View shelf order matters
      • Rebuilt the one page by converting the good page into the other page – no luck there
      • Read through the XML to see if the graph information is in a different order


      Any help would be hugely appreciated.  I could publish this dashboard as is.  The data is correct.  But it looks so clunky, it is truly embarrassing.




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