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    Tab level commit - Forms 12c




      I have a form with four tabs.  Four database block based tabs.


      My requirement is to commit only one tab/block at a time based on the tabular data entered/updated in that tab only.


      I use commit_form. But as the name implies, It is a commit form.   This does not work for me because, I need to save data only in one tab at a time.  Other tabs may have required fields and they can be blank when one tab is being committed.


      Hence commit_form won't work.


      I need similar to commit_block.  There is no such built in.


      So, how can I commit one block/tab at a time?


      Thank you


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          Hi Darsh,


          you can check on which tab / block you are and check the tab / block for possible changes.


          But then you have to program the commit yourself.


          or alter a forms_ddl("commit") for one block.

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            Thank you.  This has been a nagging question for me.


            When you have a block based on a database table

            When this block as all DML properties allowed in property manager (insert allowed = Y, Update allowed = Y, and Delete allowed  = Y)


            Above two should be sufficient for forms just to take inputs and commit into database based on a push button event for that block.


            The point, I should never have to write a separate logic just to commit records.   This part of Oracle forms has not changed since past 30 years!


            It should be as simple as commit_form type of operation at block level.


            Just my 2c




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              Michael Ferrante-Oracle

              A few suggestions:


              1.  Please edit your profile and create a real identity rather than using the random numbers created for your name.  This will help everyone to identify you and become aware of your situation.


              2.  When posting (on any forum or social media) in an effort to seek assistance, always provide complete details.  Please avoid using product names as a reference to versions.  For example, "12c" does not represent a version number and many times offers little value in an effort to assist you. This is because with each new release bug fixes and new features are introduced.  Without know what you are using, it is difficult to provide accurate responses.


              Take a look at this:  http://blogs.oracle.com/shay/entry/10_commandments_for_the_otn_fo


              3.  Throughout this forum, you will find that I (and others) have often asked for your (the users) feedback for new features on future versions.  I encourage you to participate in those posts if you have ideas for new features and improvements.  If you can't find any of those posts, feel free to start a new thread.  I would ask that if you want to suggest a new feature, try to provide as much detail as possible.  In other words, explain what the feature should do and how you would expect it to work.  The more detail you provide the more likely it would be considered.


              As a result of you comments here, I will discuss the possibility of introducing something like a COMMIT_BLOCK(<block name>) built-in.  This is not a guarantee it will be included, just acknowledgement that your request is understood and will be reviewed.



              Michael Ferrante

              Senior Principal Product Manager

              Application Development Tools


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                Hi Michael Ferrante-Oracle,


                that would be a nice new introduction to reduce the commit to a single block, if necessary.


                Some special enhancement :-)