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    User add automate


      Hi, I have EPM Is there is any way to automate user addition and user removal to groups instead of manually adding users to groups and removing from Shared service. Please let me know if there are any suggestions?


      I appreciate your time to look into this.

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          The following works are all versions..


          create some essbase cube sample or something.   create user group you want to create.. assign rw access to this unseful cube.

          assign appropriate roles needed...


          after that. one time process..

          use maxl to create user.. (or programatically).  ... this allows you to script batch creation of whole bunch of users..

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            Hi Srini,

            Can we use your mentioned process for Planning applications?

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              Vasantha Kumar


              In one way you can do this via LCM approach. Export the groups from HSS via LCM. You should have the Groups.csv file. In that file 1st section will have the Groups details, you can delete all those. Next section will have Group->Users details. There you have to update the new users you have to add to the respective groups (you can remove all the existing content and just add the group and users which are needed to be added). Save the Groups.csv file at the same location and go to shared service and import the groups. For removal, it is the same process, just make sure in the migration options -> shared services import is set to delete.


              You can also automate this via LCM utility to run from the command line.




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                it works with Planning as well.   you will just need to deploy the planning application with security, sharedmembers etc options.


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