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    recommended JVM optimization paramater for both db and proxy server

    Eric Jing

      Dear sir,


      question 1:

      Is there any recommended JVM optimization paramater when starting the nosql db via "nohup java -Xmx64m -Xms64m -jar /kv/kv-19.5.19/lib/kvstore.jar start -root /kv/kvroot &" ?

      I mean, when the db is increasing its size in a real project, the default parameter "-Xmx64m -Xms64m" is still ok?


      question 2:

      And,  in the online manual, there is no JVM optimization parameter when starting the proxy server:

      java -jar /kv/kv-19.5.19/lib/httpproxy.jar -storeName kvstore -helperHosts localhost:5000 -httpsPort 443  \

      -storeSecurityFile /proxy/proxy.login -sslCertificate /proxy/certificate.pem -sslPrivateKey /proxy/key-pkcs8.pem -verbose true


      Is this your recommended way in a real project?



      I hope to follow your recommeded settings. Thank you.