X-ORDS-FORWARD-LOCATION Out parameter does not get returned in header


    I have been trying to build the VBCS application as presented in https://blogs.oracle.com/shay/storing-image-files-in-your-database-from-a-visual-builder-app.

    This is an application where a picture gets uploaded to a blob field in a table and the uploaded picture gets displayed in the application. The uploading is done via a Rest-Api call. As described in the section that is dedicated to creating the API I should add a parameter X-APEX-FORWARD. This no longer seems to be working.


    According to https://docs.oracle.com/en/database/oracle/oracle-rest-data-services/18.3/aelig/implicit-parameters.html#GUID-A5F6FF18-0…

    it should be X-ORDS-FORWARD-LOCATION.


    But when I change the name of the 'location' bind-variable to X-ORDS-FORWARD-LOCATION and test the API, the header of the response I get, no longer contains the 'location' value.


    When I change the name of the bind variable to location I get:



    But when the name is X-ORDS-FORWARD-LOCATION and I test the API, I get

    I both cases the picture I upload gets uploaded to the table. So the ApI is working. Only the part of returning the location of the inserted record does not work.


    But I do need the location in order to show the picture in my Application.


    What am I missing?