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    OL7 - Stuck at Login screen loop after trying to add new drive in VirtualBox VM


      I tried to create an additional virtual disk to increase storage capacity of a pre-configured Oracle DB Developer VM packaged with APEX 19.1 that I use for testing and development.

      Screenshot from 2020-07-27 16-33-45.png

      My_OraDBDevVM_1.vmdk is this new virtual drive.

      On the first boot after I added this new disk, Oracle Linux started to constantly throwing me back to login screen when I try authorize and to reach Desktop.

      Screenshot from 2020-07-27 16-44-57.png

      After I unmounted this new drive from the VM in VirtualBox, Oracle Linux is still stuck at login screen.

      Here's the current config of this VM:

      I did not find any other discussion regarding this or similar case anywhere.

      Please help me troubleshoot and fix this.


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