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    reset backup



      Our database Oracle

      Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production              0

      PL/SQL Release - Production                                                    0

      CORE Production                                                                  0

      TNS for Linux: Version - Production                                            0

      NLSRTL Version - Production                                                    0

      on Linux

      is running good. But we need to forget all archived log files because they are very many.

      In short we need to create new backup life of our database.

      What is the best way to do it ?

      Thanks in advance.


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          Sunny kichloo

          If your existing backups are running as per business requirement it is better to continue that process only.


          With respect to archivelog you can configure deletion of old archive log files based on your recovery objectives.



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            If I do open resetlogs, make backup incr 0, and delete all old archived logs.

            Is it will be correct ?

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              user609448 wrote:


              If I do open resetlogs, make backup incr 0, and delete all old archived logs.

              Is it will be correct ?

              I think the more important question is why do you have so many old archivelogs in the first place?  Your regular, daily, database backup job should also be backing up the archivelogs and deleting them as they are backed up.  Some variant of 'backup archivelog delete all input'.


              There should be no  reason to 'reset' anything.  If you've got a bunch of old archivelogs, just issue a one-time 'backup archivelog all delete all input'.  Then you can go look at your archivelog destination and manually delete any old archivelogs remaining.

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                Mark D Powell

                user609448, to add to or modify what Sunny posted you need to determine what your backup and recovery retention requirements are, compare that your implemented backup and retention practice, then make changes if the two are not in sync or the cleanup was not implemented correctly to match the requirements.

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                HTH -- Mark D Powell --