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    ORA-30678: too many open connections apex_mail email stuck in queue


      Currently using apex 18.2 on 11G database.


      Issue I've encountered is we have a user that submitted a process that tried to send ~1000 emails via apex_mail.send procedure.  All emails in that batch and a few others encountered error:  ORA-30678: too many open connections.  Those emails are stuck in the queue and will not be sent regardless of APEX_MAIL.PUSH_QUEUE being executed to send them.


      New emails arriving in queue are being sent but no emails that have had errors can be sent.  As I understand the error ORA-30678 it's a capacity error and not an error specific with the format or setup of the individual email records.


      How can those emails that currently have the ORA-30678 error associated to them be retried and sent from queue?