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    How to model in Apex?


      Dear Experts

      I am new to Apex and I am just using the free Online Apex Solution on  https://apex.oracle.com

      I need more than one table and I know a little bit how to use the "Quick SQL" tool in Apex.

      These are my questions:

      a.) is it possible to use an extern SQL Modeler graphically and bring this model to online apex? What would be the easiest solution?

      b.) how is it possible to handle a M:M Relation with the "Quick SQL" Tool in Apex

      c.) is there possibility to build a model graphically in Apex and to do reverse engineering?


      Sorry for my beginner questions and thanks a lot


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          Sylvain Martel

          Hello Mario,


          So, a couple of thoughts for you.


          Quick SQL is a pretty snazzy tool but it doesn't "interface" with SQL Modeler.  It's a kickstart type of tool to get you going quickly.  APEX is just another tool of the Oracle database.  So, since you are quite familiar with SQL Modeler, just design your data model in SQL Modeler and generate the scripts for the db objects to create in the apex.oracle.com instance.  All you would have to do is execute the script(s) in SQL Workshop.


          apex.oracle.com is a great way to explorer and discover APEX, but since you seem a profesional developer, why don't you create an autonomous database cloud account?  You might end up having more flexibility to play around the database, APEX and SQL Dev Web.


          Hope this helps!

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            Dear Sylvain


            Thanks for your answer. I am working with young students on a little project using Apex. For receiving an autonomous database cloud account one have to publish a credit card, which is not possible with young students. Therefore I will try to do the work with the local sql developer data modeler.

            My problem is that I think to need a SQL-File for the data model for Apex to import the tables. But I only manage it to  generate DDL-Files in the data modeler. Could you give me a hint/Link how to plan a model graphically in the modeler, get it to SQL-Code and save it as a SQL File for apex ....


            Thanks a lot


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              DDL files are SQL files, so if you have DDL files saying something like 'CREATE TABLE WIBBLE (A NUMBER)' then can run this whenever a SQL file is required.

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                Hello AndyH


                You are absolutely right. One can copy and paste generated DDL and put it to Apex. With SQL Workshop via SQL Commands or SQL-Scripts it is executeable and one can save/download it as SQL-File.

                Thanks all of you for your help!