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    WYSIWYG Editor in WCS


      Does anyone else use CKEditor in WCS Version:  I followed the instructions in the following link to try and reconfigure, but get the same results.  When I edit in WCS, the editor pops up fine and changes appear, but when I save/publish the content, it looks different on the page than when I was editing (no underline, different text, etc.).  Does anyone have any updated documentation or xml that is actually WYSIWYG/another way to get it to show the same in the editor and after it is saved/on the webpage?





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          N Varma

          well, this is basic question. On preview, you will have to check what styles are being applied to the text of the CKEditor. In WCS, on save of asset, may be you won't see the styles as you want but when you render the asset containing CKEditor, then the template which is used for previewing the asset would generate HTML and then you can see some styles.